Foundation + Advanced Course

12 Days / 92 hours

pic-studyingThe information, training, materials and coaching you receive from the Foundation + Advanced Course will accelerate your business by at least 5 years. You will be able to reinvent yourself and your existing image consulting business or create an exciting new business!

The Foundation + Advanced Course is an all inclusive program, where you are trained to critique individuals and execute one-on-one consultations effectively. The Advanced portion of the course provides simple, effective and proven methodologies that enable you to teach seminars in image, professional presence, non-verbal communication and business protocol, therefore expanding your possibility to offer services of added value to your current and future clients.

The Foundation + Advanced Course, trains you extensively in beginner/intermediate color theory, style, body/line analysis, makeup and hairstyle instruction, menswear, wardrobe consulting, shopping practices and individual consultations. The Advanced portion of the course reinforces the foundational training and teaches you all the aspects of appearance, in addition to body language, communication, presentation skills and business protocol for presenting keynotes, workshops and seminars. You will work with clients’ visual, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, their vision for themselves and learn how to help them project a confident persona to the world.

We also work on your coaching skills, branding, sales, marketing, pricing structures and business development.

Our team of image specialists and award winning image consultants train you to teach others the skills you learn in the course. The program is extremely comprehensive and includes practice with real clients.

Our universally accepted methods and philosophies not only prepare you for the Certified Image Consultant (CIC) examination with AICI but also certify you to use all our assigned reproducible formats, slides, scripts and presentation techniques which are full of rich material and original information.

Graduate Support is also offered as part of the course. We pride ourselves in mentoring our graduates with their image consulting businesses. It is our goal to help you launch a serious and successful image consulting business. Many graduates of the Foundation + Advanced Course claim it is a life-changing experience.


The critical training from the Foundation Course PLUS the following Advanced elements:

  • Power Point Presentations on Professional Presence, Image, Personal Branding, Verbal and Non-Verbal communications and Business Protocol.
  • Over 100 professional before and after makeovers of real life clients, not models or actors.
  • Coaching techniques to work with individuals and groups.
  • Presentation and consulting practice.
  • Makeup and hair styling for personal use and professional training.
  • Customized marketing and branding techniques to launch every participant.
  • Cut and paste training modules for seminars, workshops and group tutorials.
  • Train the trainer methods to teach business protocol, personal branding, body language and presentation skills.
  • Business development, branding and marketing customized for each
  • Support with follow-up coaching and professional support with biographies, elevator statements, marketing and web site material for our graduates wherever necessary.
  • Certification from London Image Institute.
  • Continuing Education Units on request from AICI. All training is authorized by AICI.
  • Preparation for AICI’s Certified Image Consultant (CIC) examination.
  • Access to the London Image Institute Alumni Membership Program filled with everything you need to start a business.


  • Give polished presentations with which to hit the ground running after the course.
  • Workbooks for men and women‘s individual consultations and seminar workbooks can be downloaded from the alumni website after the course.
  • Start making money! The Return on Investment (ROI) is often very rapid after the Foundation + Advanced Course and earning potential is positive.
  • Emerge with a totally new perspective on image consulting.
  • Raise their level of competency by at least ten years, whatever their experience and background.
  • Speak competently to the highest level in an organization and align image with the bottom line of an organization.
  • Be aware of the relevant, meaningful difference they make with individual and group clients.
  • Shift the attitudes of image-resistant groups with ease.
  • Tap into the heart of what it is to be human and coach people personally and publicly from what matters to them most.
  • Make a profound difference with clients and in seminars in a short time frame.
  • Leave with clarification on their brand values, target market, appropriate business actions and how to develop their brand. Become a certified image consultant with one of the most established and internationally recognized courses, authorized by AICI.

* The 12-day ImageAsia® Training Course includes additional color analysis training.

  • The US Foundation + Advanced Course Certificate of Completion is given by London Image Institute
  • The UK Foundation + Advanced Course Certificate of Completion is given by London Image Institute
  • ImageAsia® Image Essentials Course Certificate of Completion is given by Academy of Image Mastery, Asia
  • ImageAsia® Advanced Practitioner Course Certificate of Completion is given by London Image Institute

* Qualified AICI members can receive 9.2 AICI CEU’s for completing this course.

* Please note that this course is accredited by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Certification earned through London Image Institute upon completion of this course is entirely independent from AICI’s certification programs. If you wish to pursue AICI certification, please refer to AICI’s website.

Training Locations

Atlanta: Training is conducted in the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody, GA which is approximately 30 minutes from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport by taxi or 1-hour by train. Click here for a map

London: Training is conducted just outside London in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK which is approximately 30 minutes from London’s Heathrow International Airport by taxi or 1-hour 15 minutes by train. Click here for a map


Foundation Course (7 days)
Agenda may vary by location and is subject to change
Training is similar in every location

Orientation & Introduction to Color Theory

In the orientation session, beginning at 2:00pm local time, we meet and greet the participants and go over the agenda for the first week. We also take the opportunity to introduce some elements of color theory so that you are familiar with the basic concepts to be reviewed and applied in the days ahead. It’s a fun, practical session lasting a couple of hours.

Participants will:

  • Get course materials
  • Meet Lynne Marks and the other students
  • Ask any pre-course questions they might have
  • Go over course curriculum
  • Define common color terms such as temperature, value and value contrast and intensity

Color Theory

Today you are going to jump right into the exciting world of color theory and realize how important it is to color analysis. You will learn how to translate and communicate the technical terms into easy, everyday language for your client.

Participants will:

  • Define common color terms such as temperature, value and value contrast and intensity
  • Define color qualities, harmonies and harmony patterns
  • Evaluate color swatches for their temperature, value and intensity
  • Learn how to apply color theory to clients
  • Distinguish skin, hair and eye color properties
  • Practice methods of draping clients
  • Practice and role-play
  • Evaluate components of color psychology

Fundamentals of Color Analysis

We continue with color training but now we dive deeper into color analysis. Today you will learn the basics of conducting an analysis on real people. You will determine personal color patterns and how to recommend a color palette and wardrobe choices for your clients. After this session you must continue to train your eye with lots of practice!

Participants will:

  • Identify ways to analyze cool and warm skin, hair and eyes
  • Determine the value and value contrast of a person’s coloring
  • Recognize the level of intensity in human color patterns
  • Identify an eight-concept color analysis system
  • Discuss more complex color analysis methods
  • Practice and role-play

Style Analysis & Fashion Styling

As an image consultant, you must be able to determine your clients’ personal style preferences. This is the psychological aspect of image consulting which requires an intuitive approach and the technical skills of style-building which will help you design and shop for your clients’ life-style, wardrobe choices and career goals.

Participants will:

  • Compare fashion and style personalities with universal style preferences
  • Determine the value and value contrast of a person’s coloring
  • Identify the psychological elements of style preferences and how to help a client change her style
  • Analyze the components to build a style
  • Compare fashion styling and image styling
  • Start a portfolio of examples

Body, Line & Figure Analysis

In this session you learn the correct fit for all standard and non-standard body shapes, techniques to overcome figure challenges and principles to adjust proportion. You will learn how to help your clients adapt current trends to their body shape and scale.

Participants will:

  • Identify terms from fashion design, the psychology of perception and garment construction relevant to image consulting
  • Measure and analyze female shapes and bone structure
  • Compare the techniques of proportion and silhouette to the overall height and body sections
  • Apply principles of fit to the shape, proportion and curves of the body
  • Identify and suggest solutions to common figure challenges within current fashion trends


As an image consultant you may need to critique, advise or apply makeup. Using color theory you will learn blending and corrective techniques for a business day makeup along with skin care essentials.

Participants will:

  • Identify the six major steps in skin care and pre-makeup application
  • Apply the appropriate foundation for their skin and undertone
  • Apply a simple cost and time effective makeup
  • Practice blending and corrective techniques if necessary

Advanced Image Principles

Today you will learn the proportions of the face, the bone structure, scale, line, direction and other advanced design principles to help your client with her most flattering styles, accessories, fabrics and hairstyle. This information sets you apart as an expert in your field, distinct from those who have not received this level of information.

Participants will:

  • Identify terms such as balance, harmony, rhythm, contrast, character, texture and scale
  • Apply these terms to the human body, facial features, hair and skin type, bone structure and personality
  • Practice and role-play, using these principles as a basis to critique outfits

Consultant Communication

Communication is key. You have to be able critique clients constructively, based on educational principles. Learn professional communication techniques and how to address difficult situations.

Participants will:

  • Identify a critiquing model to address an individual
  • Practice personal critiques and consulting techniques
  • Identify appropriate image terms to critique a client
  • Simplify ways to communicate complex technical concepts of image and design
  • Identify the questions to ask a client to achieve a desired result


Learn from an expert how to look for a stylist and how to advise a client on an appropriate salon. You will also learn the language to use from an image standpoint to suggest a change of style.

Participants will:

  • Identify some current hairstyling terms and products
  • Learn how to work effectively between the client and the hairstylist
  • Identify different hair types
  • Identify pitfalls and appropriate uses of cutting, perms, relaxants, and color
  • Identify basic critiquing skills

Wardrobe Consultations & Organization

Today you learn the rules of cost and time effective wardrobe organization. Learn how to mix and match fabrics, styles, colors and textures. You will practice techniques to create a wardrobe that works for your client’s needs, preferences and lifestyle.

Participants will:

  • Develop strategies, procedures and practices to consult with a client
  • Identify strategies, tips and techniques to organize a wardrobe
  • Evaluate possible ways to alter and update garments
  • Create new outfits from existing pieces
  • Practice styling in the wardrobe

Shopping & Fit Practice

You may be interested in image because you love styling and shopping. Today you will learn how to include shopping as a viable business activity. How do you work with clients taking into account their budget, color palette, style preferences and figure challenges? You will need all the techniques you learned this week and the communication skills to help them make wise choices.

Participants will:

  • Select complete outfits for their client
  • Identify and practice principles of color analysis and good fit for their client
  • Match clothes to style, personality, budget, work environment, lifestyle and figure type to the client
  • Identify proven strategies and tactics for cost and time effective personal shopping
  • Practice client rapport, ability to work with the client’s needs, listening skills, and the analysis of image issues


This session is all about working with the male client. You will learn the art of working with men and how to identify their particular style. We will cover camouflage and tailoring techniques used to enhance their image and identify the basic types of working dress for men.

Participants will:

  • Identify basic communication techniques to work successfully with men
  • Identify suit styles, fabrics and ready-to-wear suit construction
  • Analyze shirt construction and fabrics
  • Identify fit and the basic measurements of menswear
  • Practice tie knots and coordination techniques

Practice With Clients

This is the moment when it all comes together and you consult with live clients! Using what you have learned over the week of training you will analyze your client’s color patterns, full body and style. By the end of the consultation you will have solved her top figure challenges, completed a color and style analysis and sent her home with a workbook full of image tips and techniques!

Participants will:

  • Analyze the appropriate colors for the client
  • Identify the style preferences of the client
  • Analyze the body type of the client and advise on best clothing styles
  • Make suggestions to solve the client’s figure challenges
  • Advise the client on her best accessories and placement
  • Answer the clients’ questions

Advanced Course (5 days)
Agenda may vary by location and is subject to change
Training is similar in every location

Seminar Modules

This day takes everything you have learned in the Foundation week, which was geared to individual consultations and converts it into seminar modules. Each module is delivered with complete Power Point presentations, which you can use after the course. In addition you gain training tools and methods to work with every type of group from teens and social ladies’ clubs to high level corporate teams. You will learn how to develop your material and put it into a format that can be used to train and facilitate.

Participants will:

  • Identify simple, easy to teach seminar methodology and how to convey technical image concepts to a group
  • Discuss and analyze over 12 modules, seminar, and consulting topics

Included are seminar topics such as:

  • Wardrobe design for business and social needs
  • How to look slimmer and taller
  • Color psychology and its application for every occasion
  • Enhancing credibility and authority through business attire
  • Levels of Business Formal and Business Casual dress for every occasion
  • The art and science of accessories

Seminar Design

Using the modules from the day’s presentation, you will design a seminar for a specific group and discuss content, timing, flow and training methods for various audiences.

Body Language & Business Protocol

The course takes a change of direction as we explore the elements of body language. Like an actor, you will identify the components of movement, gestures and stance and how to coach your clients to enhance and improve their communication through presentation and neuro-linguistic techniques. You will learn not only how to improve your own and your clients’ speaking skills but also the methods to incorporate those into a business seminar.

Participants will:

  • Identify the role that the non-verbal message plays in communication
  • Identify the movement elements of time, space, flow, weight
  • Compare and contrast gestures and how they enhance the message in public speaking
  • Practice presentation skills, posture, walk and stance
  • Discuss and identify seminar modules for Business Protocol that include the following topics:
    • Managing the First Impression
    • Handling complaints
    • The significance of orientation and proximity in different situations
    • Use of personal space and territorial behavior
    • Comparing useful to non-productive work habits
  • Identify many other seminar topics, teaching methods, and teaching points for seminars and workshops

Communication Skills

Have you noticed that there are times when we are not at our best during the conversation? Words fail us, we become emotional or we say the wrong thing. This module addresses the challenges we all face when there is conflict or the stakes are high. You will discover the way in which you come across in the communication and how you can improve your skills in any situation, at any moment. Elements of this module can also be expanded and used as coaching and training modules for individuals and groups.

Participants will:

  • Practice communication techniques for conflict resolution, negotiation and problem solving

Personal Branding & Professional Presence Seminar

This unique process gives you the skills and techniques to develop the structures underlying a successful brand. The in-depth coaching and consulting process can be used with individual clients such as small business owners and entrepreneurial groups or high level corporate managers, sales teams and executives. You will learn techniques to deliver in such a way that the audience stays engaged.

Modules Include:

  • Visual Impact: Why and how to create a visual signature and a personal brand
  • Overcome challenges: How to overcome self-sabotaging habits
  • Core values and vision: The underpinning of your brand
  • Self Management: Time and Money management to support your vision and goals

Participants will:

  • Identify an in-depth process to shift the client’s paradigm to image, time, money management, vision, goals and personal limitations
  • Practice coaching models and communication skills
  • Identify teaching tools, teaching points, philosophies and methodologies

Business Development

This entire day is devoted to developing your own business. You learn marketing and sales techniques specific to an image consulting business, appropriate fees structures and how to identify your target markets. Business opportunities abound in the image field and our seasoned faculty gives you the benefit of their considerable experience. Find out what works best and how to bypass the pitfalls.

Participants will:

  • Identify ideas for marketing and social marketing for their image business
  • Identify target markets and appropriate pricing structures
  • Practice a sales conversation
  • Identify the business opportunities available
  • List goals and the specific strategies to launch or grow their business in the weeks after the course.

Goal-Setting & Action Plan

Develop goals for your business and determine the specific strategies you will use to grow your business in the four weeks after the course.

Participants will:

  • Set systematic goals for a three month time frame
  • Write out strategies that cover the following three months


On the final day of the course you prepare and deliver presentations to the entire group, using the tools, coaching and facilitation techniques you have learned. You will receive constructive comments in several different areas of the presentation.

Participants will:

  • Prepare and facilitate an introduction to the seminar
  • Give a prepared presentation on image and appearance using visual aids and any other teaching tool of their choice. (Not Power Point)

The presentations will be critiqued in the following areas:

  • Facilitation techniques
  • Presentation style
  • Projection
  • Ability to engage an audience
  • Use of visual aids
  • Body language
  • Use of content
  • Introduction
  • Audience rapport and interaction


As a graduate of the London Image Institute Foundation + Advanced Course, you get FREE Membership in the exclusive London Image Institute Alumni Membership Program with FULL ACCESS to all content. This is only available to graduates of the Foundation + Advanced or Advanced Course and comes with some amazing benefits.


This graduate support site is continually updated with fresh new slide presentations, photography, workbooks, and client & business forms for you to use in your image consulting practice. This type of on-going support cannot be found anywhere else.

Presentations *

  • Body Language, Non-Verbal Communication and Business Protocol
  • Social Etiquette
  • Personal Branding and Professional Presence seminars
  • Formal Menswear
  • Men’s Evening Wear
  • Casual Menswear
  • Body Analysis
  • Accessories
  • Men’s Grooming
  • Wardrobe Design and Development


  • Premium slides (from the most current London Image Institute photo shoot)
  • Standard slides (from previous photo shoots)
  • Stock photography for background and website uses

Workbooks and Forms **

  • Men’s client workbook (available in US & UK spellings)
  • Women’s client workbook (available in US & UK spellings)
  • Client Forms
  • Business Forms

* Presentations available in Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote
** London Image Institute client workbooks may be downloaded and the cover customized to each student.

Take a look for yourself and see what you get with your membership. Just click below to take the tour!


LII_headshot_hathorn_1The second exclusive bonus afforded to you as a London Image Institute graduate is the opportunity to work as a private client with Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIM of  Hathorn Consulting Group and Illustra Business Coaching. Sarah is one of only a few Certified Image Masters in the world.

You may choose from one of her three private business coaching programs and receive a substantial 20% discount * just because you are a graduate of London Image Institute.

Working with Sarah right after you graduate from the London Image Institute and continuing to learn from an image master will help you catapult your image consulting business to the next level in record time. It will turn the 5-year head start you already have by graduating from the London image Institute into a 10-year head start on all of your competition!

Sarah’s private coaching will help you learn how to set higher fees without alienating clients, create packages that grab the attention of clients and sell, and how to carve out and establish your own unique and special niche within the industry.

* You must sign up for one of the business coaching programs within a specific time period after the course in order to receive the special pricing.

Read what some graduates who have coached with Sarah said…

“Despite the fact that I have nearly 20 years of business experience, working with Sarah made me recognize my greater potential for attracting clients and taking action. She has an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge and experience and is generous about sharing whatever tools and methods have worked for her. She also strives very hard to add value for her clients. She inspired and motivated me to believe in my own success, stretch my boundaries, and accomplish more with greater confidence. What more could you possibly ask of a mentor and coach? Sarah’s the best and I enthusiastically recommend her.”

Ale Marroquin, AICI CIP, Mexico City, Mexico

“I also learned a huge amount about marketing strategies, how to sell my products, how to bring new clients on board, and how to work with clients virtually and efficiently. Sarah showed me what to do to stay competitive, keep my clients returning for more, and what to do to gain ongoing referrals. She also helped me fill out my brand’s bandwidth with tips on blogging, writing articles, and leveraging social media to network and spread the word about my products and services. That included help from her business partner and husband Marc who advised me on my logo, business card, and website designs.

I also learned a huge amount Because of the dedication and support she showed me as my mentor and coach I will recommend Sarah any time. All thanks to Sarah and Marc!”

Morenike Tunde-Idowu, Toronto, Canada

Sarah’s background & credentials

Sarah Hathorn is a Certified Image Master, the founding CEO of Hathorn Consulting Group, Illustra Business Coaching & Illustra Business School and creator of the Predictable Promotion™ system, began her image consulting career as an industry pioneer and innovator. Sarah is one of the first and only image and brand consultants in the world, for example, to enter the profession with a background as a senior level executive in the fashion industry.

She spent more than 25 years in that role at Macy’s, a Fortune 100 company, were she was responsible for developing leaders at all levels of the organization. Many of her protégés are now in top-level executive positions for Macy’s and other major corporations, so she has the hands-on experience and skills necessary to mentor any motivated high-achiever who wishes to expand her business, attract a more elite clientele, or even grow an independent entrepreneurial empire.

Sarah works primarily with Fortune 500 leaders but also offers her intensive mentoring and coaching programs to fellow image and brand professionals as a way to pursue her own personal passion while helping to empower those within her own business community and industry niche.


  • Achieved CIM (Certified Image Master) status in record time
  • Achieved CIP (Certified Image Professional) status in record time
  • Former Master Trainer of Image Consulting and Corporate Professional Development, London Image Institute & ImageAsia®
  • Certified Color Analyst, Sci-Art Company
  • Professional Keynote Speaker for the National Speakers Association
  • Certified Personal Brand Strategist, Reach
  • Certified 360º Reach Analyst, Reach
  • Certified Online Identity Strategist, Reach.
  • International Corporate Professional Development Program Leader
  • Former President of the Atlanta Chapter of Association of Image Consultants International
  • Guest Speaker at the Linkage Women In Leadership Global Summit October 2010
  • 2008-2009 Alumni, Leadership Gwinnett Program
  • 1997-1998 Graduate, Federated Leadership Institute
  • BA in Business Administration – Otterbein University


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