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Mickela Lamb

Carissa Evans

Carol Sylvester London

Laverne Caines

Catherine Eastman

Radha Peddada

Paula Balansky

Staci Huff

Annie Gleeson

Miladys Da Cruz

Vanessa Teixeira

Bianca Isom

Jinean Robinson

Yanni Luo

Madina Brown

Jane Omohundro

Gaye Karaçor Akkus

Charmaine Dawkins-Lewis

Michelle Augenstein

Teresa Prieto

Sara Priest

María Carolina Patiño López (Spanish Testimonial)

Vinita Sahajwa

Mireya Marroquin (Spanish Testimonial)

Gilda Fuentes (Spanish Testimonial)

Karina Shalaby

Priyanka Row

Lynn Calzada

Assata Omowale

Nitu Walia

Helga Knoderer (Spanish Testimonial)

Fernanda Menezes

Courtney Nichol

Ven Krishnamoorthy

Vanessa Simonetti

“The program was life-changing. I got ME, clarity of thoughts and a mind-blowing experience. Words aren’t enough to express my gratitude.”

Pooja Gupta, India

“As an established image consultant the ideas and tips from the advanced program will help me immensely in furthering my business and establishing me as an image professional.”

Sugandha Mittal, India

“This program was one of the finest programs I have ever attended and it enriched my skills to become a better coach and attain a higher level of excellence. It has given me the confidence to target a bigger market and achieve greater goals and vision.”

Neha D. Gupta, India

“The life lessons were beyond words. It was an absolutely wonderful, well thought-out and managed program. I am just so happy to have had this experience. I have enjoyed and internalized every bit of information that was provided.”

Ritu Sinha, India

“I loved the structured, scientific approach to color, style and body analysis. The material provided was extremely comprehensive and very good advice given. Week two really consolidated the course content and took us into professional and entrepreneurial development. Invaluable.”

Karina Shalaby, Washington, D.C.

“A life-changing experience. Possibly the beginning of the rest of my life!”

Priyanka Row, India

“Wonderful program and everything I was looking for. Lovely trainers and group.”

Erika Anderson

“I loved this training program!!! I have been given all the tools to apply to my new career and confidence to start working with clients. There is so much hard work involved but it was so worth the time, money and effort. So many valuable lessons I lost count. Extremely powerful.”

Lynn Calzada, Memphis, TN

“An enjoyable week and I feel a lot more confident. I truly value the tools and emphasis placed on personal development in this course. I also appreciated the importance placed on guiding our transition back into our world. It was almost as if the coaches knew my mind and my behavior.”

Assata Omowale, Trinidad

“This course changed my thinking to resolve problems. I will never regret this time and money and will remember this experience for life.”

Yuila Yun-Li, Kazakhstan

“I enjoyed AND learned more than I ever thought I would in two weeks and the experience was incredible. Thank you so much for all you taught us and helped us discover about ourselves. I feel like a diffeent person already. I am very grateful to you from the bottom of my heart.”

Kitika Bhutada, India

“The most valuable thing for me was to know how I could incorporate all aspects of image management into my existing business. It was also useful to be coached and to be given feedback to improve myself and my business. The journey now starts.”

Zakiya Mills Francois, Trinidad and Tobago

“Thank you for sharing your extrordinary knowledge. It’s been a life-changing experience both individually and professionally and opened up a big window to allow oxygen to enter! I feel strong, on my way to credibility and definitely found ways of nurturing this newly created life. Merci!”

Agnes Mallet, France and Seattle, WA

“This was a wonderful two weeks and a life-changing experience. I gained a whole new perspective that you can be yourself and confident and successful. Thank you so much for changing my life and the world around me. You completely transformed me to a new person and I will always be grateful to you.”

Zahra Kamalkhani, India

“This was a big decision and I am so glad I did it. Thank you for helping me become more approachable. I was able to overcome my shyness in the second week and I will definitely practice when I leave here. You have all inspired and taught me so much, it was a pleasure to be your student and I will treasure these two weeks for ever.”

Liz Li, China and Seattle

“Thank you so much Lynne for so eloquently helping me to bring clarity to the daunting task of creating a new story for my company! You are a truly gifted and invaluable mentor.

I wish I had known about this course three years ago! Thank you Lynne, Sarah and Emily for providing me the many invaluable tools I need to grow my image business. Your approachable and interactive styles taught me practical techniques that I can bring immediately to clients to enhance their personal and professional profiles. This week I found myself very naturally adding in some of the things I learned from the class along with the experiences I already had. I did the same thing this weekend during my closet clean up. I find I have a wider understanding of Image Consulting now and its true power!”

Lisa Shorr

“I had read a lot of testimonials saying that the LII courses are life-changing. After attending I now know exactly why! The amount of personal and professional growth that I have experienced in the last two weeks is incredible, in fact more than 15 years has taught me. I am walking out with loads of confidence, knowledge and empowered dreams. I will always cherish this experience; it was the best decision I have ever made in my life and every single penny I spent was worth it. The best thing: I can bring about changes in my clients’s lives.”

Nitu Walia Kanwar, India

“I feel that this has been life-changing both professionally and personally. The entire course was laid out in a manner that was tremendously helpful and instructive. I feel so fortunate to have taken it and it was a plus to have such a dynamic support group.”

Courtney Nichol, Detroit, MI

“This training touched my heart! It was totally rewarding in personal and professional ways and made a big difference in my life. I learned not only content but about myself and I thank you for that. There are counted people in life that can really have such a profound impact and set you in the way of a huge change in life. I am so thankful that I attended LII. I loved the kindness of Lynne, Emily and Sarah and learned a lot from your styles. you grew us up! Thank you Lynne for all your patience, your guidance, your support, and most important for sharing a little piece of who you are. I really admire you. Thank you so much. I learned from the best.

Helga Knoderer, Mexico City, Mexico

“I am speechless! The faculty was amazing and I am so happy to have learned so much knowledge to implement into my current business. I have always loved fashion but this was totally beyond fashion and styling. We learned about humanity and everyone was so genuine and real-it humbled me. I would love to attend this class every month, it is so interesting and educational.”

Te’a Metro, Atlanta, GA

“It is truly unimaginable the amount of material and knowledge that I have gained over the last two weeks. All of the information gained was informative and eye opening! Image is so much more than the clothing . I feel confident that I have all the tools I need to begin my journey. I am so grateful to have gained the knowledge of Lynne, Sarah and Bryon! A small investment for a life changing course! Thank you all so much!”

Toneik Fields

“This course teaches you to look at things with a new perspective. I now have easier and more focused goals to take on the challenges of life and know that nothing is impossible. I would like to thank Lynne Marks and all the coaches involved. This has truly been an experience of a lifetime.”

Zainab Gibrine

“The course was very informative. The trainers delivered the material effectively and made sure that we put it into practice. The training and coaching helped change me for the better and built my confidence. The Business Development day gave me insights into the stages of a company’s growth and I now know that whatever I am battling in business there is always a way of getting back on track. This was two grounded weeks of training with information of a six months course, with no time wasting.”

Morenike Tunde-Idowu

“This course deepened my knowledge of facilitation techniques and delivery modules. The most important aspect for me was the daily application of the principles. We practiced, practiced, practiced and I am so much stronger for it. I will take the coaching techniques I learned and use them in my business and my life. Everyone wins.”

Michelle Augenstein, Oakland, CA

“I evolved as a person and business owner and know that I have the skills to deliver the multi-dimensional aspects of image consulting. As a 20- year salon owner and pageantry veteran I have dealt with hundreds of women and I have never felt so safe, empowered and supported as I did with the instructors and fellow students of LII.”

Tara Hooper, Dallas, TX

“This training is a great experience and I got much more than I expected in delivery styles, seminar design and the holistic picture of image consulting.”

Winty Peters-Ali

“I learned a lot! How to walk and talk your image, the process of knowing your attributes and strengths, how to pull all your credentials from inside you and contribute them. The goal setting exercise and all the attainable aspects gave me motivation and commitment. The most important thing is that this course makes you “fall in love with yourself!” It is life transforming.”

Rashmi Maheshwari, India

“The whole course takes shape as a complete package. I learned how to use the information, bundle it and sell it. The final presentations actually make us understand the topics, realize that we knew more than we thought and had learned them well! THANK YOU!!!”

Shveta Henrage-Amod, Mauritius

“I will contribute the value of consistency in everything. When it is all explained and mapped out I now understand why your upbringing and experiences are so important to shape your life, why everything you convey to the world is a reflection of yourself and why it’s important it is to maintain that. We truly are our own brand.”

Philissa Williams

“This course was a very special two weeks for me. It was a fruitful and delightful experience and I enjoyed every moment of it and couldn’t wait to get to class. The tips and information, communication skills and personal branding have been valuable for me personally and will be very valuable for my clients.”

Nitit Chaijaroonrat, Thailand

“My life was in transition and this course gave me the motivation to start my own business, to believe in myself again and the courage to improve. I regained my self-confidence. I realize how important it is to put oneself together and how this affects my whole life: the relationship with family, career opportunities and motivation. It was valuable to learn that I can live a created life.”

Burcu Diker, Turkey and UK

“For me this course embodied the phrase: “Let thy light shine.” I learned a lot about myself and how I could, as an image consultant use my attributes to build my brand for a flourishing business. I found out how to distinguish myself from the other consultants in my country and beyond. I now know how to coach and help others.”

Stella Couloumy, France

“Thank you so much for the gift your gave us. You helped clarify how to create our own image and brand and now the whole picture and all the steps of my new career are quite clear to me. This definitely changed my life! I can think broader and deeper, I can be creative and structured, I can connect with my background. and my capacities have increased. I am so happy because I know that I am on the right path and can realize my personal goals.”

Zulfiya Kannanova, Russia

“I would like to thank you for the possibility you gave me to do this training. It was tough but the best things in life are tough. The course is intensive, well structured and deals with a lot of internal work. I learned that image isn’t superficial. It was a great step into my new life and l now know the value of being an image consultant.”

Giulia Ferrari, Italy

“It was a wonderful course with great instructors and it feels great to know that we were in the best hands of image consulting training and could benefit from their personal touch as well. The program was very enriching and energizing. I am looking forward to delivering sessions for my clients! Having such a wonderful support at the very beginning of an adventurous road is such a privilege. The practice, practicality and repetition of the course made it possible to understand and retain the material much better. Not only that, I can start the day I get back home! I have learnt a lot, been inspired, met great people and had a lot of fun! I am very much impressed by your personality, your positive and enjoyable approach and your friendship. You made a difference in the lives of each of us.

By the way, my bio looks absolutely fantastic!! You’ve done it in a perspective I have not thought of, taking great points under the spotlight. To me, my bio l now promotes my experience in the best way possible. Thank you so much for all your help; truly, sincerely appreciated! I will use this version of my bio very proudly. Thank you so much.”

Pinar Akkaya

“Before the course I had a really fine life. But I was not satisfied with just “fine” and wanted more. Along the way I had lost some of my passion and now I have it back. I found that practicing the presentations, actually doing the work was really valuable and learned that a coaching approach to train is much more effective and engaging. It always makes the presentations about the individuals not about the presenter.”

Terra Goeres, Boulder, CO

“I gained so many insights to carry forward to business and more self-awareness so that I can better help my clients. This was one of the top experiences of my life.”

Dawn Stanyon, Emily Post Institute

“I learned a clear understanding of marketing, preparing, packaging and delivering effective workshops in a coaching style and how important it is to communicate at a deep human level with my clients. But, the most valuable aspect was learning about myself and realizing that it’s OK to be in a transformational phase in my life. This course is powerful. It’s not only an image course but also a personal development course! I got so much self confidence that I have already made some amazing life-altering changes so that I can go full speed ahead with my new life and my image company.”

Diane Petrini

“This course has changed my life. I have honestly grown over the last two weeks. I can feel it and manifest it in the way I talk, think and behave. Other people say I sound and act different, the course was that impactful. It’s as if I came here as a girl and I’m leaving as a woman.”

Enitan Soboyejo

“The most significant insight I gained from London Image Institute is to learn how much deeper the field of image consulting reaches. It permeates beyond the outer layers, empowering clients from within. I am so excited about the opportunity to impact lives. Where do I begin on benefits? This is extensive training involving seminars and business development workshops. Everything was beneficial.”

Vanessa Weatherspoon

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to change people’s lives. As you told our class, the external image is a reflection of what is internal. I approach each presentation as an opportunity to assist in that internal change. I have literally had women approach me after a presentation with tears in their eyes. They have expressed how the seminar helped them view themselves differently. They are worthy of a polished look! They are worthy of success! They are worthy! What an honor to play a role in that epiphany.

Thank you Lynne, for pouring yourself into my life. Kudos to Sarah as well; she has been coaching me the last few months. Her input has been invaluable.

I look forward to keeping in touch and I will be emailing you with questions as I grow. I also look forward to returning to the course in January to assist you in any way you desire. I want the students to know how valuable the course is!”

Bryon Dickens

“The course was the turning point in my career that I was hoping it would be. Since then I have professionally excelled. I have had dozens of speaking engagements for both corporate and associations. Most are paid. Some are pro bono. I have been a conference keynote speaker and have 3 more keynotes coming up soon. All in all, I am loving it! I love to teach. And I enjoy the personal makeovers as well. The two streams of work are very satisfying for me.

My list of clients is impressive. It includes a local celebrity (media) and Olympic Gold Medalist, Lori-Ann Muenzer. Track cycling, Athens 2004. I have great energy and wonderful support from my family. This is already a great year and I am optimistic of my future successes. Thank you so much!”

Shirley Borelli

“I think that this course is absolutely amazing because it makes you think way beyond merely color and style. I loved the whole process of personal branding as it helped me discover in-depth who I am what I stand for and where I am in life..

I can’t believe how I changed and how different is my attitude to people is now. This course has given me something that I couldn’t probably accomplish over my whole life if I was doing that on my own. And first of all I have much greater tolerance towards people around me. It seems like I was so self-centered all these years and over this period of time I’ve learned to accept people the way they are with their flaws, because we all have some.

It is amazing how you give us such a confidence boost and I actually feel very inspired and empowered to go out there in the world and bring some changes with me. It was truly a life- changing experience! Thank you all for all your time, effort, patience, and mainly your belief in us.”

Natalie Svikle

“I just wanted to share that I am so thrilled and have been sharing with clients and students how wonderful it has been in just a year since I took your course. Within barely a year since the course, I passed FLC, and amazingly, I have been conducting workshops for different clients every month. And even some have contracted for series of workshops! I am very thrilled and just want to share this with you as my mentors. So proud to have been trained by both of you!

I can’t thank you enough for being such wonderful and excellent trainers. The platform for my classes has been what I learned in the Advanced course of IAT. As for the business, continuous promotion, marketing and business development have been going on slowly but consistently. I always always site you and Christina during my classes when I do introductions. In fact I did an interview for Entrepreneur Magazine just the other day and cited you as my mentors!”

Carmina (Miselle) Penalosa-Bergonia

“My dearest mentor, my proposal has been accepted as one of the education sessions that will be offered at the AICI conference. I’m glad! I want to say: Thank you so much! It’s you who changed my life! You gave me the way I could bloom at my career.”

Tracy HU, Beijing

“I really enjoy what I am doing and so happy everything is going toward the direction that I am aiming for. I feel so blessed. I want to thank you and Sarah for the inspiration and encouragement.”

Jessie Lin Brown

“I loved the business action planning and the facilitation techniques. Even family time has become just superb after this course. Thank you again for sharing your time, wealth of wisdom, experience and expertise during the Advanced Practitioner Course. I cannot thank you enough for the learning and impact you have made in my life. You touched, moved and inspired me to enjoy being me and to soar.”

Cybelle Rebutica

“I loved this program very much because it opened up a new window for me to get closer to my dream. This unforgettable experience was really precious and worthwhile. It’s definitely the highest level of training that exists for image consultants in Asia.”

Angela Zhang, China

“The content is perfect for image consultants to create a business and was very useful for me. Thank you for your patience and for pushing me to do my best, especially in presentation skills which were new to me. I loved all your sincere and wonderful suggestions and I will keep on practicing your recommendations.”

Phimphaka Wongthanathip, Thailand

“This was a very eye-opening, great experience. It will take a while to digest but I will surely work on everything.”

Yuka Sonoda, Thailand

“I thought it was the most useful course I have ever taken. It is a must for every image consultant who is ready to take the next step up to success. This is a world-class course by any measure. It has been a privilege to attend.”

Joanne Shiers, Australia

“I loved being taught how to facilitate well by our trainers who were brilliant role models. I also learned how to be the leader of my own life! Thank you so much for being part of this journey! I can’t express how grateful I am for this experience and for all your golden nuggets of wisdom. Thank you for your generosity, speaking the truth, yet in love. I feel so empowered and excited.”

Pamela Chan, Singapore

“Wonderful course and I learned a lot. The trainers are really experienced and effective and the message and instructions really clear. It will definitely help me build up a successful career.”

Shilpi Atri, Singapore

“This fabulous course far exceeded my expectations. The level of training was something I didn’t expect. I am so happy I attended. I feel really blessed with superb teaching and training techniques which hit the mark and which I can now pass on to my clients.”

Ian Nubla

“This is a totally comprehensive, enriching course. After all the training I have taken, my gaps are now filled. I now have a structure and can start tomorrow. I understood better who I am and the business development will help me expand and run my consultancy effectively as a business. I can’t thank you enough. You are fabulous teachers who share everything.”


“The course was very intense but never fell short of the things I wanted to learn. Everything was there. I loved the balance of trainers: Christina was inspiring and passionate; Lynne and Sonya taught us in a no nonsense way how to implement and succeed in business. You guys are the cream of the crop!”

Al De Leon



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